View Full Version : 9.5 Benefits text [on new LW 9.5 webpage] incorrect?

09-05-2008, 09:19 AM
Just looking at the new LW product page. It looks nice and snazzy, very dynamic etc. But I clicked on the 9.5 Benefits section and saw this paragraph relating to the new IK

Soft IK

Soft IK has been added to the standard bone chain setup, with support added to the SDK/LScript as well. Essentially, Soft IK dampens the IK near the maximum extension of the joint, to help prevent the infamous "IK pop". LightWave is the only 3D application to offer this out-of-the-box. Other applications require the user to code or script this function for IK.

The thing is that I've been using bone damping in Maya8.5 (which is two versions behind the latest Maya version) recently and it's certainly 'in the box' as I 'm not a scripter or coder.

I know it's not a big thing but I don't think Newtek need to or should have inaccurate marketing material on their website.