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09-03-2008, 11:27 PM
For Immediate Release September 3rd, 2008, KURV studios releases the first in a series of training videos on Particles and Hypervoxel's with Tim Dunn.

Even the best animators on the planet have a hard time with physics, particles and collisions. Well not any more! Tim Dunn has spent years in school learning physics and mathematics as they apply to 3D and specifically LightWave 3D. Tim has a great way of conveying this information without you having to have a Doctorate in Physics.

This DVD will save you from the headache of trying to get Particles and Hypervoxel's to work by showing you the basics of physics as they apply to LightWave 3D as well as helping you setting up scenes and using all aspects of LightWave's particle engine.

Volume I covers the particle engine from the ground up providing you information not only on how particles and Hypervoxels work but why they do what they do inside of LightWave 3D. This is extremely important because you need to not only be able to use particles but understand how and why they work.

This title also covers all of the particle tabs showing you what each function does and how those functions, setting up a remedial system, visualization and particle generation. Lastly Tim covers collisions with particles and how to setup, adjust and interact with Particles and Hypervoxels.

This video is more than 5 hours long and is part one of a two part introduction series.

About Tim Dunn
Tim "aurora" Dunn, is a freelance CG artist and programmer specializing in scientific visualization. He lives in a little town north of Boulder, Colorado and has two beautiful daughters that live in Aspen. He is also the Content Director for CGFocus.com and a moderator for several CG related forums. He is currently back in school at the University of Colorado studying more math, physics and programming.

From day to day, Tim can be found on SpinQuad LightWave 3D community (www.spinquad.com) or on NewTek's forums (www.newtek.com).

Introduction to Particles and Hypervoxel's can be purchased through KURV studios at www.kurvstudios.com/lightwave.