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08-29-2008, 03:07 PM
I have LW 9.0 on the disk, I downloaded 9.3.1, I deleted all Lightwave folders and files for a clean install, things were just not working, no plugins, no preferences, no presets.

Do I need to install from the disk, then install 9.3 and delete 9.0? or Can I just install fresh 9.3?

I tried 9.3 fresh but it gave me license.key issues, I assume its because I deleted everything. Do I need to make a folder or will the 9.0 install do that? This has got to be the most complicated Mac program I have ever seen as far as installation. I've installed programs with 6 or 7 DVDs of stuff and it was never this difficult.


08-29-2008, 06:29 PM
I'm assuming you're using the UB version?

You can install 9.3 straight from the download. Best thing to do is delete everything from 9.0 as you already have, then copy the 9.3 install folder from the disk image to wherever you want to put it.

After that, launch Layout and enter your license number under the Help menu.

Once that's done, quit. This has the effect of creating the necessary folders for presets and preferences in your user directory, Library/Application Support/Lightwave3D + Library/Preferences/Lightwave3D.

After that you can launch Layout and Modeler to set your preferences as normal.

Hopefully that should fix any issues your having.