View Full Version : Shockwave3d and LightWave8

07-31-2003, 03:01 AM
Here below I just paste my own message from the above thread.

Accidentally I found this sinking thread of mine.
This is my first time post on this forum.

Thank you proton, the paper modeling page is mine.
I made the paper mandala in LightWave7.5, last summer.
and now still struggling to make an interactive "how to fold" manual for the paper mandala,
with Lightwave's Shockwave3d exporter.

Yesterday and today, midnight or early moring here in Jap,
streaming LW8 demos from siggraph were very exciting,
especailly your new rigging and animation system, I expect them.
But there's no info yet about Shockwave3d and LW8. it's sad.

The exporter's "one for one rule" (one weight map for one bone) is deadly strict and uneasy. I crashed my exporter and Lightwave so often without any clue, without knowing the rule in early stage. Now the shockwave road is still mined and in decay?

Anyway please return at least an error message or code when you crash, Just think of it.