View Full Version : Missing help files in 9.5 upgrade...

08-28-2008, 09:56 AM
Hi guys...

I bought into Lightwave at 9.2 boxed CD set. It came with help files (pressing F1 would bring them up).

Since upgrading to 9.3.1 and now to 9.5 (downloads), I can't seem to get any help files to load. Are these a separate download, or do I have to reinstall 9.2 to get them?


08-28-2008, 11:34 AM
Your registration/downloads page has the manuel guides near the bottom of the page in documents. Has a choice from print to screen res.

I missed fiber factory docs and just got it now.

I see the 9.2 help installer, but I'll just use the new pdfs.

08-28-2008, 09:12 PM
I have the 9.5 PDF files that you can download. What's missing are the contextual help files that appear inside the app when you press F1.