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07-31-2003, 01:45 AM
Size - Strtch - Sguash seem to work only in Global Coordinates.

I could by no mean Size, Stretch, Squash a ball, which I palned to made bouncing and rotating, in another direction than in the Global directions.

1. The ball fall down on the "ground", bounce up and fly a bit.

2. During the fly it has rotated, 45 degrees in X axis!

3. here I would squeez the Ball verticaly, right-angled to the "ground" to make it bounce again.

4. But the Ball can only can be squeezed right-angled to the Ball's base.
In other words it lokks like on the picture blow.

I tried to chenge coordinates system to:
but nothing works.

What di I missed, if I did?
Is it impossible to squeeze the objects as I described or in any other angless?

pawel c :confused:

08-01-2003, 04:56 AM
Parent the ball to a Null.

Stretch the ball out in its local z axis (coordinate system: parent) when it is it the air before the contact with the ground and rotate the ball so it aligns with its path (you can use align to path too).
Or..... Rotate the ball 45 degrees on the pitch at frame 0, and stretch/squash it as it goes up and down respectively.

Stretch/Squash the null in the y axis as the ball hits the ground. Now you get a verticall squash.

Hope that helps...