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07-30-2003, 07:46 PM
sorry for the crosspost from the mailing list (is that ok etiquette here?) ...


hi all,

I tried searching the docs and the archive before
asking this but I'm stumped.

How does one refresh the TGA image which is in a
ctlimage control? I've tried setvalue(),
ctlrefresh(), and stacking multiple ctlimages and
trying ctlvisible() on them but I think it doesn't
work with it.

Basically I have like 20 tga images and I want to show
only one of them based on a combination of 3 ctlchoice

I get errors like "Requester not initialized" when I try to create a new ctlimage on the fly on top of it and set and getvalue don't return the TGA filename string as I would expect. The other thing I thought would work is stacking multiple ctlimages but the ctlvisible only seems to work for checkboxes and not ctlimages?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!