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08-20-2008, 03:38 PM
I registered for the beta programme and somehow licensed the early version I down loaded no worries

But last week I down loaded the most recent build but it does not pick up the license key and in my old dithery way I can't for the life of me remember how I activated the older build

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I run a Mac Book pro 2.4
For what it's worth

08-21-2008, 06:43 AM
Hello duffuss,

don't know if this helps, but maybe it does:

After registration for the OSX open beta you should have gotten a temporary licence key from newtek (in your account) with which you can get your permanent open beta licence.

Normally "Layout" is the application to enter any registration data.

The following is the text I got from NewTek for the installation procedure of the LW 9.5 open beta:

================================================== ================================================== ==========

After downloading the appropriate file, use it to set up LightWave Open Beta on your system.

Warning: do not overwrite v9.0 or any previous version that is on your system. The file is an installer; run it to install the LightWave software on your computer. Please note that this software will install into a new directory, but before running it you should review the instructions below to set the software up to generate new configuration files that do not affect any existing installations of LightWave 3D. When you have finished the install process, a dialog box will pop up telling you the 'Product Lock ID' for the dongle. The dongle is required to run the LightWave software. Write down the 'Product Lock ID', as you will need this to register your software.

Your temporary License Key will be available online in your registration account. You will need the license key to operate the beta software without restrictions for the length of the program.

For this phase of the LightWave v9.5 Open Beta you will need to create a new license.key file.

Creating a License file:

1) Open a text editor: Notepad for Windows, or TextEdit for Mac
2) Type your permanent license key on the first line
3) Save the file and name it 'license.key' (do not include the quotation marks) in the LightWave Programs folder
4) Close the text editor
5) Open Layout to confirm that the key worked

Important! Do NOT open LightWave until you have finished following these instructions.

You will need to make preparations for the Open Beta LightWave applications to create a set of custom config files before you open them.

For Windows XP and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

1) Locate the folder where you copied the LightWave software.
2) Open the Programs Folder
3) Create a new folder named 'Configs'.
4) Open the Configs folder and copy the path.
5) Go up one level, back to the Programs folder
6) Find the Lightwav.exe file.
7) Right-click and choose Create Shortcut
8) Right-click on the new shortcut and choose Properties
9) For Target, go to the end of the path and type -c
10) Paste the Configs path to the end of -c. If you have any spaces in the Config path, put the path in quotation marks. The path should look something like this (your exact path may be different):

C:\Downloads\LightWave_v9.5.1\Programs\lightwav.ex e -c'C:\Downloads\LightWavev9.5.1\Programs\Configs'

11) Repeat steps 6-10 for Modeler.exe
12) Use the shortcuts you created each time you open the Open Beta software.

Mac Universal Preferences and License Keys

The license.key file for a single user, and user-specific settings should go in:


Any license.key file you want all users to have access to, and machine-specific settings should go in:


Third party plug-ins for the user (as they start showing up) should probably go in:

~/Library/Application Support/LightWave3D/Plugins/

Third party plug-ins you want all users of your machine to have access to should go in:

/Library/Application Support/LightWave3D/Plugins/

The Extensions configuration file used to contain a list of all of the plug-ins you're using. Since we're using an automatic search now, the Extensions file will be empty by default. If the user manually adds a plug-in via the Add Plugins command, or by any non-automatic means, it will show up in that file. We're trying to move away from this mechanism, but we've left this capability in, in case you really need it.

Any objects or scenes you drag and drop into LightWave windows will not change the content directory.

Instructions for creating and placement of the license.key file in the Universal Binary

1) Open TextEdit.app

2) Paste your permanent key on the first line

3) Select the 'Make Plain Text' item in the Format menu

4) Save the file. Name the file 'license.key', and place it in any one of the following folders...

* SharedSupport folder, which is in the main LightWave program folder, next to Layout, Modeler, and other LightWave tools.

* ~/Library/Preferences/LightWave3D/

* /Library/Preferences/LightWave3D/

5) Open Layout to confirm that the key worked.

Please note that at this time we are not suggesting that our Universal Binary customers use the -c command line switch.

It may take up to two business days for your NewTek Discussion Forums account to be modified to allow you to see the private section for the LightWave Open Beta program area. Please go to the forums often, log-in, and scroll down to find the section entitled 'LightWave Open Beta'. This is the only area where you are allowed by your NDA to discuss the open beta program. Once you are able to see this section on the forums, you will be able to start participating immediately.

For answers to frequently asked questions about the open beta, please visit


Thank you for being part of the LightWave Open Beta Team!

NewTek, Inc.

================================================== ================================================== ===========

08-21-2008, 07:56 AM
Shorter explanation:

In the SharedSupport folder in the previous version's Lightwave Folder (in your Applications folder), there's a file named "license.key." Copy it into the SharedSupport folder in the new (beta) version. That should be sufficient.