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08-19-2008, 07:57 AM
A few months ago, I've created an lscript that checks the file path of a selection of objects (in Layout) in the scene and prints it out in a list. In the list you can select objects, which then can be selected and marked in the scene editor.

You can also compare the list of objects with another directory to check if those objects are in that directory. Objects that are not inside that directory will be marked in the list. The compare feature works with an instruction to change the content directory and must be used with caution. When cancelling in the browse window for selecting a directory, the content directory will be reset.

Maybe there is a feature in Lightwave to check and show what the actual file path of an object is ... I didn't found it, so I rather quickly wrote this script. It's not tested that much and I'm also not an expert in Lscript/programming. I'm not planning on doing any upgrades or extras, just wanted to share it ...

There is a mac and pc version, although I don't know anymore if there was a difference ... :-)