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Chris M.
08-13-2008, 11:13 AM
Hello. Haven't posted since I was running VT2. Haven't been editing since a flood in our basement in 2005 (or was it 2004?). Never been a savvy computer guy but was getting gigs and making some extra money with the VT.

Ordered and payed for VT5 (with Lightwave included) long before it was ready to ship. Had to call my reseller often since VT5 started to ship. Where is it? Where's the quote on the hardware? I was finally quoted on hardware and was led to expect I could be editing for my two clients in February/2008. The computer did not appear and I have never received an explanation or an apology of any kind.

I am slow to anger but now am feeling taken advantage of. After all this time I am nervous about VT5's future and concerned when I see more powerful quad computers with 1333mhz FSB packaged on the shelf for sale at London Drugs for a lot less money than I am paying for just the tower and guts (no monitor). Are my editing program and hardware outdated before I've received them?

Anyway...My system was delivered two days ago. It had boot problems and crashed a couple of more times when running. My reseller took it home with him (after 4 hrs) because color on the monitor output crapped out (might be VT cables). So... I still don't have the editor. I'm rehashing and feeling railroaded. My slow burn is escalating and I am unhappy. I would rather be excited.

Other concerns:

When I tried to hook up my Rosetta Stone cables for deck control (just like on the VT2 system he had sold me) the reseller told me that I couldn't find the ports because they were not there. RS-232 ports are no longer available on computers. If I wanted deck control it was my responsibility to find USB to RS-232 adapters to place between the edit decks and the Rosetta adapters.
Why wouldn't I want deck control after enjoying it with VT2? Anyway...

...if I can find a USB to RS-232 adapter that is used for transferring data from a PDA or digital camera, will it work for deck control? Anyone? (I really am having trouble believing that these serial ports are no longer available.)

Also... I don't see any documents for Lightwave. Should there be any?

Sorry this is so long but... would you be nervous? How upset should I be? I'll be really pissed if we need new hardware for an upgrade this year and I haven't even got the VT5 I could have been making money with as soon as it shipped!!

The hardware quoted (in January/08) was for:
Running with VT2 board

Core 2 Quad 1333 FSB GA-P35-DS4
Intel Core 2 Quad
2 GB Corsair PC2 6400
GeForce 8500 GT dual head
2 x 500 GB SATA
Antec Sonata Plus 550 Mini Tower

I wanted all this in 2007 and was excited because it was the fastest hardware I could afford at the time and VT5 was anticipated by all. Now... is it still okay? I'm sooo... I don't know.

Any cheerful thoughts or advice?


08-13-2008, 02:06 PM
Wow. From who did you order this system? Sounds like they messed up real bad.... Newtek doesn't ship complete computers unless you're buying a Tricaster. Sounds to me like the reseller you used first lost the order then scammed you.

There should assuredly be documentation for Lightwave, though Newtek does charge more for the printed version - they usually just ship a PDF to save people money on the manual.

The computer specs are fine, but I dunno about the price you paid for the hardware sans the VT5 itself. Quadcores are still the current king in general usage (2x quadcores are now the new Power System but they haven't really penetrated the market to affordable levels yet).

The RS-232 ports - yup - serial control has gone away. A whole cottage industry has sprung up around that deficiency for adapters. RS-232 to USB, RS-232 to Ethernet... very creative solutions out there.

Chris M.
08-13-2008, 05:36 PM
Good news on the quad cores. Thanks. I don't have a lot of time to research the latest specs etc.

A turnkey system has to be the way to go for me. I have a lot of field production experience and linear tape editing but am not a good computer tech.

Once again... the reseller is amazing at troubleshooting and offering support. I don't know why he wasn't hip on this sale. I suspect he's really into Tri-caster sales now.

Anyway, I will continue to do mostly post production and it sounds like I can relax a little about the motherboard and CPU. I'm just a bit edgy.

Thanks again.