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08-08-2008, 08:47 AM

For starters I did finish & submitted my original project. While completing my project I had a crazy idea...& being that I had little over 23 hours before the deadline & can submit more than one entry I jumped on it :) Unfortunately it was too much work for my cpus to get down within 15 hrs lol.


I have this car driving over a bridge while the bridge is collapsing. The rendering wasn't the issue, but the calculation of the HardFx. It just took too long...not to mention random crashes LOL. So I decided not to submit it, but to continue working on it.


Well after getting all the calculations done I save the motion data so I won't have to ever do it again (phew!!!!) however I'm still not happy with my results. One problem I have is that some of the polys would start to rotate & fall before the collision which shouldn't happen since i have that feature turned on. Another problem is that some of my debris is going through other debris & the sidewalk...I thought the collision was suppose to prevent that...I gotta look into that later, but I don't want to recalculate that all over again :(


Ummm...what else...I still haven't decided what I want to create as far as the force that destroying the bridge...I was thinking about that Tazmainian character (did i spell that right?) but I was unsuccessful in creating a tornado with hypervoxels, plus I don't want any legal troubles with warner brothers lol


I'm not sure what I want...I was thinking of a bright cloud that looks like a contained explosion...sigh...well this is what I have done...still working on it just for fun C&C would be great:)

08-08-2008, 11:43 AM
You're destruction is cool.

THe only thing I would have suggested is to not do the whole bridge in one pass. Use larger clumps of the model for larger debris, maybe pre-broken in modeler. Then, use separate objects with hard FX for smaller debris. The smaller objects I would clone to keep the calculations down.

08-11-2008, 02:05 PM
Thats a good idea...however there isn't much size difference between the debris and their all in one layer. It will take hrs to select all the "relatively" large pieces