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08-08-2008, 08:25 AM
HELP. newtek can offer nothing but "ask the froums". this is the story. vt2 everything worked perfectly, wanted to upgrade so we could do some live keying. new pc. new vt5pro card, vt5 software, old sx8 and old rs8.
dual quad core xeon 2.5 processors, 4 gig ram Nvidia gforce, intel MB 700 watt power supply adaptec 39160 2 chnl scsi 6 ultra 160 drives. i have 4 basic problems. 1) the incomming video (component form 3 each JVC ky19 via ccu's) is now where close to matching. chroma and luma levels are all over the map. there is no consistency of how they look. after each reboot the look changes. I took 1 camera ran it into a 1 in 5 out active splitter and landed it on inputs 1-5. all 5 are different. 2) i have a vertical line traveling from left to right across all of my outputs (yuv and composit) if I switch to VGA out it is not there. if i playback a rtv file which was created w/ vt2 it looks fine. 3) any disturbance of inputs on the sx8 causes VT switcher to lockup. if i unhook an input or power off and then on a camera the sitcher locks up. 4) keying sometimes it works sometimes it dont..... any and all help appreciated.

08-08-2008, 09:08 AM
HELP. NewTek can offer nothing but "ask the forums". Goodness, KD -- where does one start? Let's see: I trust that all the camera cables are the same length, no?

How about this one: your SX-8 cables are all connected to their correct patch points, between the Toaster hardware and breakout box, right? I would most certainly double-check this with utmost scrutiny, and with the manual as a guide if you deem it helpful.

But overall, I'm thinking that since your system is quite an elaborate setup -- even while you're attempting to get it up -- that you ought to consider the importance of narrowing down the cause of the problem.

So, simplify -- with the goal of determining if your host PC is the culprit (faulty RAM chip(s)? Bad power supply? Fluctuating AC power source that's not conditioned with a suitable line conditioner/surge protector? etc., etc.

Once you've determined that your PC is healthy, make certain your OS and/or VT software installation is not at fault;

Could it be some file damage due to a storm-related power hiccup? (those UPS units really come in handy in a mission-critical system such as you have); Just get your system whittled down to something simple, removing those cameras and CCUs, even the SX-8, to make it easier to identify the source of trouble.

See how your system "looks" after RESET CONFIGURATION is run (see START > ALL PROGRAMS > NewTek > VT[x] > UTILITIES > RESET CONFIG

If all seems well, Shut the VT and then the PC down, and add the SX-8 again, and only one camera (perhaps without the CCU). If the CCU is connected, then set it to its "auto" or "default" setting.

When RESET CONFIG is run this time, and the VT is launched, your system ought to AUTO-CALIBRATE (since the SX breakout box is now attached). After that's taken care of, check again to see how things "look".

If all is still sour, then you might consider a wipe-off of your system drive, and a totally fresh reinstall of the OS with the appropriate service pack, and the VT system software.

Keep your system SIMPLE until you get the VT to behave properly

Else, call NewTek at 1.800.TOASTER, and ask Customer Support folks (they're terrific, really) to provide you an authorization to return the SX-8 or the VT card for service, if your testing seems to point to either of those as the source of the trouble.

Although I may have been merely swatting at flies, here's hoping that something listed here helps...

Pete Draves
08-08-2008, 10:58 AM
sounds like a RB ground loop.
some mix of cables with ac where they shouldn't be.

08-08-2008, 11:09 AM
prior to loading vt5 i loaded all sp's for windows, flashed the bios on the MB and dnld all current drivers for the video and scsi stuff. the ccu's (all of the engineering station and the toaster) are on a best true online 6kva ups. all of the source decks and moniotrs are on a second best 6kva ups. the ups's are feed from a 50kva electrostatic shield transformer which is dedicated soley to master control power. all of the grounds are true IG the master ground at the power consists of 3 ground points 50 feet apart with 32 feet deep 5/8 copper clad ground rods cadwelded in a triangle under the slab of the building. this is then bonded to the utility ground. all of the lights and convienance outlets are on the "dirty" side of the isolation xfmr. there is a master surge protector on the 480 input side of the building then one on the 208 side of the building and a third one (this one is a 2 stage) on the 120/240 side of the isolation transformer. so im am fairley sure its not power related. (not my first rodeo)
the ccu to camera cables are 3 differant lengths the ccu to toaster cables are as close to the same length as humanly possibe. (all was well with the same ccu/sx8 setup under vt2) I have replaced the svga cables between the toaster and the sx8 I have tripple checked the cable connection locations and everything passes audio i/o is fine.... i can map the sx8 inputs as i like... it is not only a hue shift which could be caused by length but a luma shift as well. if i use the vga out the line is not present. there is also noise on all of the video. RTV files created under VT2 play perfectly with no line or noise so it looks like input issues.

08-08-2008, 11:15 AM
pete, what do you mean by RB ground loop. I agree that it looks like ac noise. i have striped the sx8 down to nothing and it still exists. next step is to eliminate the sx8 and just use the 5 bnc i/o and see what happens.

08-08-2008, 01:10 PM
1) the incomming video (component form 3 each JVC ky19 via ccu's) is now where close to matching. chroma and luma levels are all over the map. there is no consistency of how they look. after each reboot the look changes.

I feel your pain, with our Sony CCUs we have a very similar problem, I posted about the lines, but the images, jump all over the place, it almost seems from switch to switch the consistency is moot. I know it's not the CCU, I've tested like you, in other sources, with the exact same cables, and its clean. Only when it gets the the VT system does it do this. Pretty lame.


Pete Draves
08-08-2008, 01:26 PM
RB = Really Bad

If video sources are plugged into different phases of the ac line all sorts of loud hum and bar distortion can occur.
the solution is to use ground isolators or use the same phase, or "leg" of the mains supply.

Or use a lot of outlet strips from the same outlet.

By ground isolation I mean a lifting of a shared ground to rid difference of grounding voltages.

The phrase RBTV is from the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie (Really Bad TeleVision)


08-16-2008, 04:21 PM
Really hope kd4sgd made out OK in getting his system relieved of its "screaming" status. If he did, it'd be nice to know just what was the fix for it.


08-17-2008, 10:47 PM
i am still have the same trouble. i have replaced the VT card, sx84 and cables. all to no avail. i have discovered that it in source indepident, i can make it wig out with ky 19's on ccu. gy-dv500 on battery or a pattern generator. the only thing i can nail down it that it seems to get worse the longer the system on. does anyone know the wattage requirements of the vtpro card and the sx8? i have also noticed that the noise is in sync with the audio. i inputed a camera (battery powered) on a composit in and a portable DVD player on component in (both running on battery) with all other inputs removed nd i can re create the problem. in my mind that eleminates the ground loop idea...... maybe.......i also tried adding ferrite cores on the coax's comming into the sx84 in case it was external rf. this changed nothing.

08-30-2008, 11:47 AM
i am still have the same trouble. i have replaced the VT card, sx84 and cables. all to no avail...
Now you leave me to wonder if your Host PC's power supply is defective or inadequate, kd. that is, if your motherboard and RAM is OK...


10-12-2008, 10:50 AM
i am thinkg PC power supply now. the noise is not there on "digital" or captured video. it is only present when video is outputed via the SX8. i have done a good bit of research and it seems like i need a "single rail power supply" they are quiet pricy around $600.00. has anyone has any experiance with such a power supply.

10-13-2008, 06:37 AM
newegg has some great single rails, Corsair and PC Power and cooling make some excellent products.

10-22-2008, 03:13 PM
Thanks i will look at it.