View Full Version : Signal Interference/Wavy Lines caused by CCU?

08-06-2008, 08:49 PM
We just installed new Sony DXC 55 cameras in our church Auditorium, running component into the VT[4] system, we noticed that a bit of signal interference appears in the top third portion of the video signal coming from the CCU's. In our troubleshooting, we discovered that the output from the CCU was clean, but when it comes into the VT[4] system we get the signal interference.

When running into our secondary switcher (a panasonic AG MX 70) we have no problems.

Upon my conversation with TECH support, Syvia Torres told me that CCUs have been known to cause problems with the VT system. I have sent the VT card in twice, and the SX 84 in once, replaced the cables, tried a loaner SX 84, and had our VT card replaced still no avail.

Has anyone seen this problem before?

We're using CA-TX50 CCU's, sending Component out to the SX-84, SDI out to the multiview, and Composite out to the Waveform. Only the VT signals have this distortion, the SDI is clean, the waveform is clean. When we plug the same component cable into our Panasonic, we don't have this problem.

Could there possibly be a setting in the CCU with a refresh rate, or something?
Would the SX-SDI, solve the problem because it's digital? I have the ablity to send 3 separate SDI signals from the CCU, but I see no sense in sinking more money into the VT if the problem is still going to persist.

Any input is greatly appreciated.


08-06-2008, 09:30 PM
Update: I found on the forum, that this has been a problem since VT[2], particularly with Sony CCUs. Any input would still help.

Does anyone use the SX SDI with Sony CCUs, do you have this problem??
I would totally be willing to purchase one if I knew it would solve the problem.


08-07-2008, 11:57 AM
One of my customer have same problem with VT4 and Sony CCU with component signals. It was story of three years ago. You can adjust filter in ProcAmp to lower the noise but the noise are still there. The NewTek tech guy said it is impossible to solve. I lost several projects because customers refuse to believe it is cause by SONY CCU.
I check the signals with scope three years ago. There is tiny ripples on CCU's component Y output but composite signals is clean. When hook up to SX-8, the tiny ripples become visible on SX-8 output. This seems only happened on VT, not on other switchers.

I did not have chance to check this with SDI but I believe it should be fine since digital signal will not affected by analog noise.

08-07-2008, 03:17 PM
I have no doubt that the interference is a product of both NewTek, and Sony, I highly doubt that it is a Sony CCU problem, because every output that is going out is clean, except the VT signal. I have tried the same cables into another switcher, and no interference. We use an external WF monitor/Vectorscope, and the signal is clean.

I have pretty much come to grips that it is a commmon problem with Sony and VT, dating back to VT 2, my question is the SX SDI, if anyone has used the SX SDI with Sony CCUs, particulary the CA-TX50, and the SX SDI I would love to know if there is any interference. Im thinking that in theory, if the CCUs create interference with the Analog signal for what ever reason and the VT doesnt like it, perhaps the digital signal would be inteference free.


08-08-2008, 08:12 AM
I am fighting the same battle with VT5 and a VTpro card. fresh upgrade from vt2. with vt2 i had perfect video, no problems. I am running jvc ky 19 with rm-p200u ccu's running component. i am looking a power supply issues in the pc. I can put a yuv DA between the camera and the sx8 and "tap" the signal. looking at it on my sony HD engineering monitor it is perfect. it has to be something in the computer/vt side.

08-17-2008, 10:53 PM
trcc if you change the horz phase on the ccu will th elines move (i know the h phase will not affect component but hear me out) i have found that if i genlock my ccu's and change the h phase i can "hide" part of the noise. it is possible that this is a standing wave or reflection from an un used composit out. you may try terminating everything that is not used. this is my next step, please let me know if this helps.