View Full Version : Yet another Avid user with his jaw on the floor...

07-29-2003, 02:09 PM
This past weekend I did a fashion show with a few video rolls, 2 cameras, audio, and PowerPoint (via a Extron 405 scan converter). My main cameraman is a good friend of mine who owns a Avid MC Express edit bay... This was the first time he had ever seen the VT3.

When I first told him I got a VT2 system about 9 months ago he said "oh a Toaster yea I played with those in college, I not have a professional Avid system"
Well this was the first time I had both him and my system out on the same gig... Before I even booted it up he said "WOW, they have come a long way, hey what's that?? (refering to the SX-8) My Avid doen't have anything even close to that"

I then showed him TED, the posistioning window, AVI wrapper, Switcher, CG, Lightwave, Audio mixer....

Let's just say by the end of the gig he said he will be selling his Avid to buy a VT3 and with the extra money he is going to get some other gear too.

Jim Capillo
07-30-2003, 07:08 AM
I don't think he'll be the only one, either.... ;)

08-01-2003, 08:25 PM
check this avid guy out! maybe he should switch to a vt3 i did and i am swamped with work


Mick Haensler
08-02-2003, 06:44 AM
Hey!!! Isn't that the guy who sells Oxy Clean

08-04-2003, 12:06 PM
I love hearing these kind of stories.
NewTek is really raising some eyebrows, as well as standards!