View Full Version : Free LightWave and Abstract Art Training, August 3rd

07-30-2008, 10:17 PM

LightWave and Abstract Art - 1.5 - 2 Hours - Free

This class will cover the creation of abstract art pieces using LW, in particular a special type of abstract art which myself and a few other Wavers have been pioneering based on good old Christmas ball 'Sierpinski' reflections.

In this class we will explore the inner world of high reflective objects from modeling to texturing, lighting, and rendering. This is a rich area of exploration which provides a perfect addiction for those times when you need to step out of the box and just relax and play. While the possibilities are infinite there are several basic rules that will get you running in no time at all. We'll explore those rules and sail into new territories of the minds eye in the process.

Register now for the free LightWave and Abstract Class here (https://www112.livemeeting.com/lrs/8000864894/PublicEvents.aspx)

07-31-2008, 08:07 AM

I just registered. A question about the live meeting software, do we need to install the windows client software to attend this or can we just use the web live meeting access?

Charles Bandla
Edinboro, pa