View Full Version : inertia lag bug?

07-27-2008, 04:15 PM
I am developing a scene for my film which employs spline control and inertia lag.

I just "discovered," quite by accident, that if I move my spline-controlled object vertically, then hit "undo," that a path-following kink is eliminated.

I have a rectangle following a curvy spline, but at frame 0 there is (or was) a sort of kink or fold in my rectangle which I got rid of by moving the rectangle up vertically a little bit using the move tool, then immediately hitting Undo.

The kink or fold disappeared, and the rectangle then assumed a curve shape just like the spline curve I constructed. (which is good; the kink/fold is un-wanted).

Anybody else experience this?

If it's a known bug or quirk, I'm good; just that when you're learning a new thing, it's important to know if it's YOU or a BUG that causes an unexpected result.