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07-24-2008, 12:02 PM
If I fail to come up with a solution, my VT will be replaced, and I love my VT.

We are a church, and I am a volunteer with very limited time to experiment. We have the following:

Newtek VT
Channel 1, Canon XL H1
Channel 2, Canon XL2
Channel 3, Sony BRC-300 with RM-BR300 remote control
Channel 4, Sony BRC-300 with RM-BR300 remote control
Channel 5, full screen output of SongShow/PowerPoint using VGA Capture
Channel 6, DDR video clips to be played
DSK, output of SongShow/PowerPoint using VGA Capture with black keyed out

We currently run SongShow/Powerpoint on the same PC as VT, and use VGA Capture to grab its output and send to channel 5 and the DSK as a lower third overlay.

This setup works great, except every once in a while a PowerPoint will get stuck and the administration feels that it is to complex having SongShow/Powerpoint running on the same system, and using the same mouse. While I may not agree with the admins assessment, in order to keep my VT, I must provide a solution that moves SongShow/PowerPoint off of the PC that runs VT.

Does IVGA do all that I need to do, to accomplish my requirements? In reading various posts, it seems like this really does not work?

No long discussions or debates, please. Just the solution that will save my VT.

07-24-2008, 12:13 PM
Yes, that's all you need to do. Run SSP on a PC that is on the same lan as the VT.

At my church we do exactly that, except using a Tricaster instead of VT, and EasyWorship instead of SongShow Plus.

In my experience, iVGA works well for stills. Its limitations come with video and animation. There are two things that can be bottlenecks for your frame rate - the computer you are using for SSP, especially the speed of its video card, and the speed of the ethernet cards and network linking the two computers together.

The setup at my church is a budget PV running EW, connected by a 10/100 ethernet switch that links both machines to the church's router. When playing videos in easyworship we get about 12 to 15 frames/second which is passable for our needs.

If you need full motion video coming out and iVGA presents problems for you, you can also just use a video card that has an S-Video out on the SSP computer, and cable that to one of the inputs on the SX-84.

07-24-2008, 12:20 PM
Thank you for the information.

The reason we did not do output from the remote PC and into the SX-84 is that it would not be accessible to the DSK as a lower third overlay.

Can you (or someone) confirm that the output from the remote PC going through IVGA can be ‘black keyed out’ and routed to the DSK?

07-24-2008, 01:11 PM
iVGA lacks alpha channel data so you can't key it with the DSK, but that doesn't mean you can't key it.

You can key it through the keyer in VT[4] or in VT[5] use the chromakey in LiveMatte to key it on black (http://www.corin.com/vt_tutorials/lyrics_key/index.shtml)

Also, if you are doing this for IMAG, and don't need the keyed content to be recorded, you can key iVGA with the iVGA keyer. The iVGA keyer keys iVGA onto the sVGA output, and has the advantage that the resolution of the iVGA signal doesn't have to get scaled down to standard definition.