View Full Version : virtual sets and multiple camera angles

07-21-2008, 04:57 PM
We should have more threads about this. Anyway.
I have a 360deg. room in Lightwave I would like to make either as one virtual set or multiple sets assigned to multiple cameras.

Ideally I could point all 12 camera options and swap between them.

Left 1-4 center 1-4 and right 1-4

These would be spread around the set in various angles. They will point to the live surface polygon right in front of each without showing in the others angle.
Would this work?

If not i could always break up the set into multiple segments and do one set of 1-4 angles for each set. using say svid-1 1-4 as close med wide and extra wide shots and just have different parts of the set in this room being different cameras. Any thoughts?
The scenario is a room where there are many workstations around the edges where i would need camera's for and i can just swap the talent out in each shot or do a 2 camera shot so i can record a back and forth conversation at a time. This would let me just move around the 3d space without having to do tedious reloading of each camera angle. The actors would go nuts if i couldn't at least do a 2 camera recording with 2 actors in a conversation.