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07-17-2008, 03:59 PM
Does anyone have any experience with high dynamic range images? I'm thinking of purchasing this:
but I'm a little worried about the difficulty of using it. What were your experiences? Do you have to create a globe and wrap the texture around it? If someone can share, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

07-17-2008, 04:32 PM
I wouldn't bother spending money for HDR images. You should have some in your Lightwave content folder. If not, you should be able to find some good ones by doing a search on Google. Here's a website I found that has some HDR images: http://www.debevec.org/probes/. I believe some of the ones on that page are actually from LW's content directory, but I'm not sure.

To use an HDR image, simply load it in the Image Editor in layout. Then go to Windows -> Backdrop Options, click "Add Environment", choose "Image World", then click Edit -> Properties and in the drop-down menu for "Light Probe Image" choose the image that you opened in Image Editor. The "heading offset" and "pitch offset" values can be adjusted to rotate the image (in laymen's terms, rotation is defined as HPB, or "heading", "pitch", and "bank", much like movement is defined as "XYZ").

You can also create a globe, flip the polys, and map the HDR image onto it. This method is best when you want to see where the sun or other lighting elements in the image are at and more easily adjust the rotation without having to render, then adjust heading/pitch, then render, etc.

Note: When you load the HDR image into Image Editor, for optimum results you may want to adjust its gamma to 2.2. This is because most HDR images are created with a gamma of 2.2.

Good luck!

07-17-2008, 04:43 PM
not to forget..you can follow the procedure mentioned above using any image, hdr or not.

you will get decent result with normal images, but might lack that extra "realism" in it.

07-19-2008, 04:00 PM
The HDRI Handbook is a must for anyone working with HDRI.....Christian Bloch put together THE book that covers all things HDRI.


There is a great section on LW in the book and the tools that come with the book are worth more then the price of the book itself IMHO!

07-19-2008, 05:10 PM
I have this book and it's a must have.
with the book and at the site are all the plugins and hdris (sIbl) that you need... and also search the forums for all the hdris resources
don't waste your money on that