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Robby Gordon
07-28-2003, 12:52 PM
I'm doing an animation of a machine moving through a tunnel. Sometimes, it turns left, and sometimes, it turns right. I've got the scenes set up for left, right and straight parts, and I then join the frames together int he right order in post. Problem is that the underwater moving textures don't always line up right.

Is there an easy way to join two seperate scene files, or to append one to the back of another? I'd like to re-use some clips, with different start and end routines around them. The objects stay the same, so maybe I really only need to insert or append the motions from all of the objectin the other scenes. I've set them up to just append the final rendered frames, but, it would be easier to maintain textural flow (underwater texture) if I could append the clips, and tweak the textures then render it as one big file.

I'm probably missing something terribly basic, but the SCENE EDITOR doesn't seem to do what I want, and I keep reading about KeyPro, but it seems to be an extinct product.



07-28-2003, 11:35 PM
Since LW has neither a dope sheet nor is aware of any naming conventions other than what your object files are named, this is a bit tricky. There are several options:

a) Render in Layers and then put everything together in compositing. This will save you from having to put together your scenes and maintain the flow animation easily.

b) Buy KeyTrak (kinda dopesheet for LW) and merge your scenes.

c) Use Motion Mixer. You could always create clips containing all animated parts, save them to disc and then re-use them. This wil easily allow you to put your entire scene together in a few minutes (assuming MM cooperates).


07-28-2003, 11:39 PM
You could of course always do all that merging in Graph editor, however this will be very tedious since you can only work on one channel at a time.


07-29-2003, 09:53 AM
If I read ya right, it's your procedruals that don't match.

something to try that I've done before

render all the scenes with a black BKgrnd

number your scene to cover the FULL animation

3 scenes of 500 frames rendered in black background

then set up scene with a 1500 frame setup

using your water as the only thing in the scene,
at some point all the procedural textures loop
the trick is to find out when. As depending on your settings depends on when.

when ya find the frame they loop then cut the graphs for it at that point and set it to loop in the post behavior

now using a flat poly that fills the screen in layout, map your previous anims to it. the black will be invisable, then render the full anim.

something for your future reference;

I like to use the procedruals for backgrounds in video so I have made many (hundreds) of nothing but them and burned them to CDs and use them as backgrounds for anims in LW and film, just looping the frames, Wasn't easy to start with but once I got them done, it saves much much rendering time and hair pulling now. And I can use many in same scene by setting the transparency of each. makes for some really strange backgrounds:D

Robby Gordon
07-30-2003, 09:11 PM
Thanks to all for your guidance. I took a look at KeyTrak, and it looks to be more complicated than adjusting the motions in graph editor. I also looked at Motion Mixer and it doesn't surprise me that it too comes from the same people that produce KeyTrak.

I thought that simply appending one scene file to another should be a simple thing, but, apparently it is not. It's too bad that Newtek has never added this as a built-in procedure.

My project includes a machine moving through a water-filled tunnel. So, I'm using a stationary concrete image map on the tunnel walls, with a layered transparent cylindrical image map of an underwater texture on top of it. I created the underwater texture from a photo that I took of a pool bottom, then made it seamless in Photoshop. To make the piece more visually interesting, I've decided to animate the water texture, by slowly rotating it around the tunnel. It looks pretty good so far, until the next scene doesn't quite align the water texture.

I think that for this project, I'll just try to manually sync the rotation angles of the texture and leave the segments in seperate scenes and assemble in Premiere.

Thanks again for your help!