View Full Version : Selecting points

07-15-2008, 08:52 AM
its sounds daft but when i try to select points only one selects . . and sometimes it doesnt. im presing both the left and right mouse.

I have points selected, the box primitive (which i created) is deselected but i cant click on the four points of the shape in the top view . . i can only click one. What do i do to just select 4 points . . and more like they seem to be doing on all of the video tutorials i have seen?


07-15-2008, 09:17 AM
Once you have selected a point and left go of the mouse button you can only deselect points (or edges or polys) by clicking on them with the Left Mouse Button (LMB). To add to your selection you need to either hold down the shift key and click with the LMB or use the MMB. As long you don't let go of the LMB you can drag it around selecting more points as you like, or alternatively use the RMB to lasso select a bunch at a time. Of course if you are adding to a selection you still need to hold down shift.

To deselect selected points, click in the blank area under the buttons on the left side of the screen.