View Full Version : Scrolling Text Over An Image & Storyboard Placement/Timing

07-28-2003, 06:51 AM
I'm trying to finish a project using VT(2) (that I recently purchased and installed) before I install the VT(3) upgrade (on a new system drive). I haven't found any information in the manual on how to work with static and scrolling CG files for playback in the storyboard. I assume with static pages all I do is move a CG file from the filebin to the storyboard and set the timing - very simple. What about scrolling text over an image and testing it to see what it looks like before placing the file in the storyboard? I assume you place a scrolling text file in the storyboard as you would a static text file - correct? To set up a scroll over an image, I placed the image in the safe area, clicked on the Up Scroll button, typed some text over an image until I reached the lower part of the safe area, but then I couldn't type any more text. What did I do wrong? I was pretty much used to the Flyer's simple way of setting up CG pages (and the timing) for play in the storyboard, etc. Is there a tutorial available for what I'm trying to do?

Tom H.