View Full Version : placing clones/instances in points in layout

07-13-2008, 11:05 AM

I'm making a tour video inside a cell and the human body in LW + Maxwell. One of the major challenge is placing hundreds and thousands of elements in the same scene. Currently I'm obtaining very good results using this instance power in maxwell, reducing considerably the render time (sometimes using simple geometry would be impossible).

The problem right now is that placing several clones is very time consuming and I need the ability to place clones in exact positions. Searching in this forum and the web I found FamilyCloneGN to be a perfect solution but the file on the server has gone and it's impossible to find it. The other approach would be a $300 USD script called HD Instance but I find a waste of money buying this software only for this purpose.

Is there a plug-in or a technique that allows to clone one object to every point of another object in layout ?


07-14-2008, 04:43 AM
A native solution is to use the particle system. Set nozzle to vertices, emit all particles in first frame and turn up explosion to get their heading and pitch lined up with normals (if they don't come out right). Then use FX_Link to clone an item onto each particle. Probably alot more memory intensive than instancing... but it might work for you.

I suppose you could also checkout alias spirosa's thread on instancing with the Node Editor (not 100% though).