View Full Version : Unreal Tournament 2004 Static Mesh Importing Problems

07-11-2008, 01:19 PM

I've been using LightWave for several years (currently on version 8.5), but have just started working with UnrealEd to try and make some .lwo files into static meshes. I've been going off of this tutorial for the most part:


But I used this tutorial to bake the textures into a UV:


In UnrealEd I am able to File->Import under static meshes, but I get warnings about missing textures, redundant triangles, and degenerate triangles. I tried creating some textures with the correct names and importing a simpler model, just to see if it would work, but even when I get no errors, I still can't see the model in the preview window.

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated. I've been searching for a solution for a while.

Thanks in advance.