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07-09-2008, 03:26 AM
Hi, im selling my beloved ZX10 and loads of other old school stuff

Heres the spec SGI:
Dual PIII 866,
2.6 GB Kingston RAM via 1024 modules (expandable to 6.144 GB),
Dual Channel Ultra2 SCSI Host Adapter,
80 GB 7'200 RPM SCSI2 HD,
Oxygen GVX420 GA Card, Supports Dual head CRT and Digital HDMI monitors,
64 bit and 32 bit PCI Slots,
10/100 Built in NIC,
Built in CD/DVD ROM, Floppy drive,
3 USB Ports, 2 Firewire Ports, 1 external ULTRA SCSI2 Port
Win XP Pro Installed, inc original CD,
used as a 2d/3d graphics workstation and still performs well.

Matching pair of 21" SGI GDM5411 Northern Hemisphere CRT Monitors

Original Manuals and receipts available. Spent in excess of 7,000 But giving away for a fraction of the cost.

I also have 2 other CPU's for sale and a Laptop:
A PIII MP 800 with 1GB RAM. And an Advent PIIII single 1GHZ Proc.

A HP Pavilion ze5300 Laptop with XP pro installed.

Other accessories:
Yamaha external 36x CDRW, Netgear 10/100 hubs, 2 GB Jazz Drive with disks, 250mb zip drive with disks, Wacom Intus2 A3 graphics tablet inc pen and 4d mouse, Heidleberg Linoscan 1400 flatbed transparency scanner (very good quality scanner), including NewColour 5000 fantastic software!, Epson EPLN2050+ B&W laser printer (needs attension!), Epson Stylus Pro 5000 A3 supper size Colour inkjet printer, keyboards and mice, network cables and more.

Newtek Lightwave 3D V8.6 with upgradeable Dongle / license
Office Standard
XP pro
Adobe Illustrator 10
Quark Xpress 5.6 inc Dongle fully upgradable
NewColour 5000 scanner software