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02-23-2003, 09:34 AM

I am interesting in a videotoaster... I wan it just to video editing in a pal & ntsc systems.
Do I need buy a special edition of videotoaster to edit video in pal system?
Can I edit video with a ata (7.200 rpm) hard drive? ... just for edit video.

Thanks you

Gerardo Castellanos
LSD digital (http://www.lsddigital.com)

02-23-2003, 09:54 AM
WARNING!! After reading your post I feel it is my duty to warn you about the VideoToaster 2 system....

I bought my toaster to replace my switcher for my live events. I never planned on doing much if any editing. Well fast forward 6 months and now I am doing 75% editing and 25% switching. My clients found out I could now edit and burn DVDs and well now I use my system all the time to fix videos...

Just last week I was called in to bring my system to the Las Vegas Convention Center to re-edit some video, because some shots were wrong CG titles were mis-spelled ect. In under 3 hours I packed up my system, went to the LVCC, set-up, edited video, packed up and went home... the client said "Damn I should have had you do the entire video your system is fast... it would have taken my guys in New York like 6 hours to make those changes"

All I'm saying is getting a Toaster will only lead to you working more due to the very fact that the Toaster can.

Paul Lara
02-23-2003, 02:11 PM
:cool: Sorry to hear about the undesired extra income, Brett. :cool:

As for PAL and/or NTSC, you are in luck.
Video Toaster is capable of editing in either format, with no additional hardware, and at no additional cost.

One feature I show to people that leaves them startled is playing an NTSC project, and then doing a nice slow fade to a PAL clip in that project...in real-time.

02-24-2003, 10:48 AM
And yes you can use ATA 7200 RPM drives, but I'd recommend SCSI 10,000 or 15,000.

02-24-2003, 03:59 PM
what limitations are there in using 7200rpm IDE drives?

02-24-2003, 04:44 PM
I just find SCSI configurations easier to add to/expand and have experienced quicker seek times with SCSI than IDE for video drives. A lot depends on underlying hardware, ie, if you buy an ATA100 drive but your controller or motherboard bus is older than you won't reap the benefits and see the faster speed. Also, when combining multiple D-1 uncompressed streams I've found SCSI video drives perform better under similar situations than their IDE counterparts.

02-25-2003, 11:15 AM
If you are planning to shoot and edit in DV, then the IDE drives are fine......In fact, the IDE drives work fine for RTV files too.

Here's the only thing you need to do...make sure you get the Supermicro XEON board with dual processors. You can use the 64 bit slot for your Raid controller which gives you major high bandwidth. When used with the latest Escalade controller, you can get at least 90 to 100 megs/sec or better. I typically turn on background rendering just in case it wants to stutter, and I bump my settings a little lower than the system specs says to do. Newtek recomends this, because it gives the computer a chance to cover itself....Added protection!!!

Anyway, I have had our system a year and rolled off a 2 hour wedding glitch free.

I'm using the maxtor 60 gig 7200rpm drives with Escalade, Supermicro dual xeon 2.0

02-25-2003, 12:54 PM
Hmmm... I've heard some people talk about the SCSI drives like they were the only solution to this problem...

I was thinking of going with a 2300+ XP AMD Athlon and prolly the newest ASUS board with built in 1394 and a RAID controller... I want to keep the costs down. I'm doing Lightwave work, so I won't be doing any live switching so I don't need the spryest system.

Again, this is just bouncing around in my head... gonna wait until Newtek announces that new software package for the frame store version of the Toaster!