View Full Version : Sony EX1's raw MP4 media clips in SpeedEDIT.

Jenny L
07-05-2008, 05:50 PM
I found the short cut (best) way to edit the Sony EX1's raw MP4 media clips in SpeedEDIT.

-Put your SxS card in card reader.

-Open Explore (right click on the Start button). Do this twice so you have two windows open. Create a new folder for your MP4 media.

-Right Click on the BPVA folder in the reader drive and open Search.

-Type in *MP4 and search.

-Copy all MP4 files to your new media folder.

-Start editing in Speed Edit. SpeedEDIT will edit raw MP4 files.

Do NOT use the Sony Clip Browser that comes with the Ex1. It makes individual folders for each clip requiring extensive time to open each folder and retrieve one clip one at a time. Following this shortcut you can get all the MP4 clips in a single folder together.

I would like to see NewTek take information like this and make it available on their website for those looking for it. I know there are other EX1 users who also edit with SE that would find this information valuable. It will save me many hours per project.

Unfortunately I was unable to get any help here or from NewTek in finding a shortcut to getting the MP4 clips to the time line. I also unfortunately bought Sony Vegas Pro 8 in frustration after not finding this help. Another frustrated longtime SE editor was about to follow suite when his IT person helped us figure this simple shortcut out.

I wonder how many other SE owners they will lose out by not having this information. I am also disappointed that I have never received an email telling me that there is an update for SpeedEDIT 1.5.5. If I hadn't come on this forum, I would not know about it. I have two SE licenses registered and yet no notice has been sent to me about the update. I bought SE after so many people told me that their service was the best; I haven't been impressed with it. I hope this Shortcut will help others searching the forum for help.

07-05-2008, 11:30 PM
I'm thinking you could make a little batch file that would do the same thing, right?

Make a default folder to move / copy the files to, and assuming the SxS reader was the same drive letter each time, and I'm guessing the BPVA folder is consistent each time, same place, etc.

So you'd have something like

copy e:\bpva\*MP4 c:\clips\

Its late, I may not have the syntax exactly right, but test it from the command line first, and when you get it right, type the commands into Notepad, and save as a .bat file, and you're good to go.

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