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Marcin Wuu
07-05-2008, 07:07 AM
I'm doing a product shot, the polycount is rather high (around 800k). The piece goes to print so i need quite high resolution - around 2500x3500. Lightwave says not enough memory - Im on a 2gb windows xp pro 32bit. Sometimes the out of memory jumps before the render starts, sometimes it starts and breaks with the out of memory message somewhere mid render. Now i didn't do this kind of thing too often so i don't know - is this normal or theres something wrong Im doing?

CC Rider
07-05-2008, 08:48 AM
Maybe try breaking it up into pieces via "Limited Region" and piece back together in Photoshop.
Experiment with Limited Region to see what size chunks your machine can handle, then render all the sections of the scene independently.


Marcin Wuu
07-05-2008, 10:18 AM
Thanks for the idea - i'll give it a shot later, cause it turned out fprime happily churns the polies* spitting out the same quality render (only with better contact shadows). So my skin is saved for today.

*) the render and real-time subdivision levels being the same.

07-08-2008, 04:43 AM
You will need more ram. If you are on 32 bit, 3.5gb is you limit. Just put in another 2 gb card, it costs nothing these days.

A copy of times previously posted.

PS. I have found that 8gb ram is very useful for the type of architectural renders that I do. You can give Memory Segment Limit 2gb & gain some speed.

This is only for one size image and it was small, but it may be useful for compiling more information.

SML notes for that last nth of a %.

1920x1248, [email protected], FG 200, 4, 0.3, 100mm, 4.0, RRL 9, Polys 1300704, 238.6mb, LW9.3, Dual 5335, 8gb, XP64, for an architectural rendering.

48mb, gi 4:20, et 31:50, wtm 1.99gb (1mb over 3 segments)
96mb, gi 4:20, et 31:42, wtm 2.01gb (1mb over 2 segments)
1536mb, gi 4:19, et 31:27, wtm 1.98gb
2000mb, gi 4:19, et 31:21, wtm 1.88gb (I think this may be a maximum default)
4096mb, gi 4:18, et 31:17, wtm 1.99gb
6144mb, gi 4:19, et 31:28, wtm 1.96gb

Dual 5335, 8g, XP 64

Also, on the above scene total memory usage including OS:

4000 pixels x 2800 pixels = 2.6 gb
5000x3500 2.9 gb
6000x4200 3.3 gb
7500x5250 3.6 gb (this last one has gone to 7gb usage but very very rarely)