View Full Version : Anybody else problems with monitor switches?

Thomas M.
07-03-2008, 03:32 PM
If they work, than it's a wonderful way to save space and money, although the DVI switches cost as much as a 22" TFT.

My problem is, and that's with a VGA switch the same game, that sometimes the monitor won't get the signal from the PC or the PC doesn't realize that it needs to supply a signal. That only happens if I switch between PCs. Even if the PC which should be on screen is defintely not on standby or screensaving mode, the screen tells me it's not there. Black screen and a warning that there is no signal. I don't know what's wrong. I installed drivers for the screens, disabled standby and screen saving, but it still happens.

To get back on track I need to switch off the computer and restart by pressing the button on the front panel.

Anybody a hint or solution?


07-04-2008, 07:47 AM
Try a different KVM? As you say the ones that aren't DVI are not expensive. I have a very nice Belkin one that wasn't cheap (50€) but it does offer audio support as well. It also has a big button to change machines rather than relying on an abstruse keyboard sequence.


07-04-2008, 09:22 AM
I've had pretty good luck with IOgear kvm switches. The first IOgear DVI kvm I bought cost $200 and works great. They now have a DVI version that's right at a $100 and I just recently bought one for work to switch between a laptop and desktop. Works every bit as good as the $200 model.


07-04-2008, 09:49 AM
Have you looked at Maxivista? Pretty sweet solution.

Thomas M.
07-04-2008, 10:07 AM
I got two Avocent DVI Switches which cost around 250€ each. I don't think it's related to the switch as I got the same problems earlier with a DLink VGA switch. I guess it has to do with "waking up" a computer. If I plug-in the DVI cable directly into the TFT I don't a signal either, but I ran two screens at the same time for a while. While the master screen doesn't wake up, the second monitor still shows the desktop.

So can it be that this is a driver issue?