View Full Version : Clip Map Not Working

06-30-2008, 10:10 PM
I created the attached image using a single object (the face) and using texture layers to layer on the strips of blood (an example of my texture map is attached). I also have tear objects at the end of each trail.

I now want to render this image without the face and only the tears for a composite. I'm able to do this using the same textures on the transparency channel, but I want to do it using clip maps. For some reason when I copy texture layers to the clip map editor, the image maps will not work at all. The same way I've copied layers for the color to specularity, glossiness, bump, all work, but not when copying to the clip map texture editor.

On top of that, I can't get any of my image maps to work in the node editor either using the Image node.

The main issue is I can't get it to hide all the skin using layers in the Transparency channel. On top of that the render is really long. So I'm trying to clip it all out, or do the transparency in the node editor where I can combine things differently than using layers. I can't get either to work though with my maps. But the maps all work fine on all the other channels. :bangwall:

I tried switching camera types, turning ray tracing off an on, nothing works.

07-01-2008, 08:53 AM
It seems to be working this morning. I restarted Lightwave and my machine, and things are now sparkling together. It's working with both the classic camera and perspective.

For some reason last night, I could not get this to work. Oh well, another thread about clip map issues.