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jin choung
06-29-2008, 04:54 PM

sooooooooooo un-fing-bearably adorable. great... really great. touching and affecting and briliant.

plays a particular altruistic card that i dislike though - environmentalism as in - "the planet needs our help"... that is complete bs. environmentalism is ENTIRELY about SELF INTEREST. if we f up the planet, the planet won't die. the planet will kill us, burn us off like a virus in fever... but the planet will live on with indifference.

i mean come on, if it can survive a cataclysmic asteroid hit that basically "extincted" most of the organisms on the planet and just came up with lifeforms v.2, i think it can survive a little overambitious pest.

the short presto chango in front of wall e is one of the most effective shorts pixar has ever done. hilarious from open to close.

and it is as stripped a piece of narrative clockwork that could be pasted in the name of economy.

motives are stripped down to 1 per character - rabbit wants to eat, performer wants a good show. and everything else is borne from this. genius.

in many many shots, the cute bunny bears more than a passing resemblance to good ol' bugs bunny! it would be worth getting the dvd for presto chango alone. but thank goodness wall-e is also good.

as a side note- this title is one that made my mexican friend and his family just bust up into hysterics... turns out that with a change in pronunciation, presto chango means - "we rent monkeys" in spanish.... the hilarity compounds when the mind begins to boggle as to what the possible purposes of such rentals could possibly be.


wanted is a muscular r rating. earns every last drop of the rating and then some.

it's not a great movie but it's good. and the russian director or night/day watch is pretty good but a bit too much with the ultra rapid cuts.

disappointing for how different it is from the comics. the comic book was HIGHLY AMORAL in its message. all about personal empowerment at the expense of anything. sollipsistic to a fault. but hey, he does join a group of costumed SUPER VILLAINS.

the comic is about comic book super villains. none of this kill one to save a thousand bs. it's about killing because you feel like it. also, i don't think the comic could justify "rape one to save a thousand"... : )

dang it, and the comic had a perfect opportunity to have a cameo of adam west and burt ward! would've been even funnier if their faces were completely obscured by hoods like in the comic!

but for what the movie is, with a transformed typically safe moral, it is very much a matrix rip off that nonetheless manages to be compelling.

the bullet physics is sooo ridiculously absurd but y'know it plays a lot better in the movie than it does in the trailers... doesn't strike you as quite soooo absurd.... though it still kinda does.


06-29-2008, 05:12 PM
I just got back from seeing Wanted. I'd have to agree with Jin. The moive, although good enough to actually pay for, was lacking in quite a few places but entertaining nonetheless. A good fill of blood, guts, sex, profanity, and the inevitable, spectacular, yet impossible car chase scene. Well worthy of a rated R Sunday afternoon.

I think they stole a bit out of the Gangs of New York knife scene though ... I mean come one .. knives .. the butcher ... foggy scene with him zooming in and out cutting him here and there ...

And Angelina Jolie was dripping with hotness as usual. (I think they need to feed her a bit more).

jin choung
06-29-2008, 05:23 PM
oh, and an argument for hiring seasoned actors....

man, morgan freeman can really say the sh1t out of the word "motherfer"....

you see lesser actors say that word and it just falls flat on the page... but you get morgan motherfing freeman to say it and it blows your mind. it makes you aspire to be able to say it like that.

he really gets his mouth around every syllable of motherfer and brings it to life.



06-29-2008, 05:47 PM
I took the woman and the kid to see Wall-E on Friday and I was impressed by the staggering visuals. I was pretty pissed that Pixar let Disney swallow them up but they're keeping my faith going. The surfacing and lighting was just incredible and never unbelievable. I didn't like that they incorporated real human footage into the movie but at least it was kept to a minimum (I do like the actor that they had for the human). My girlfriend's only real comment was that it was a real statement about human nature. Wasteful, fat, and lazy all the way. Right on sister.
The Presto short in the beginning was very amusing and again, a visual and storytelling accomplishment. All the Pixar shorts are good, except for that one about the bunny hopping, I think it was before Finding Nemo maybe? That one kind of blew.

jin choung
06-29-2008, 09:38 PM
one bit of GOOD physics in wanted that made a shitload of associations in my head in a split second was the car jump:

- corvette is ramp, mustang is jumper. corvette BRAKES throwing its weight forward (lowering the nose to make a good ramp) while the mustang ACCELERATES throwing the weight back (thus lifting its nose).

the result was ludicrous but it was a nice bit of cinematic apologetics nonetheless.

made me remember my car physics lesson from the GRAND TURISMO 1 manual. that was a cool game because it really gave you a feel for what handling a fast car would feel like.

when you brake or decelerate, it throws the weight of the car onto your front wheels, thus making the steering tires "grippier". it taught you therefore to take turns at full speed by steering early and feathering the brakes/accelerator during the turn in order to maintain your line. most of the time, it felt like you were sliding around on ice... especially with heavy handed rear wheeled cars like a corvette.

brake hard and all of a sudden, your steering tires become SUPER GRIPPY and all of a sudden, you're in OVERSTEER land.

which reminds me of flying airplanes (in il2 sturmovik but is probably a real world thing) where during the last several hundred feet before a landing, altitude is controlled NOT with the stick as is normal but through THROTTLE. you can't use the stick because you need a slight nose up attitude at touchdown and so messing with pitch will jeopardize your approach. pitch is set, flaps are down, your rate of descent is controlled with throttle.

all that in a flash while i was sitting in the theater. pretty neat.


06-29-2008, 09:59 PM
I did the same double feature matinée on Friday. I enjoyed both movies. My fav part of Wall E was the robot repair ward.

Wanted was not the most compelling story ever told, but I didn't expect it to be. Fun visuals, blow stuff up, unnecessary profanity, more proof Jolie needs to eat a cheeseburger. Good stuff!

You really don't think Pixar let Disney swallow them up do you? Steve Jobs did that to get in on the board of Disney. Pretty brilliant move.

06-30-2008, 03:18 AM
I thought WALL-E was great, total eye candy and eventually the story took over - sort of forgot I was watching an animated film, that presto short was very funny too. I missed the 'chango' part, although presto would be more like 'lending' not renting, either way comical on a way.

06-30-2008, 03:47 AM
Yeah, I knew I didn't like Steve Jobs.