View Full Version : Dmytry Lavrov volumetric plugin! clouds&effects,Galaxy!

06-28-2008, 08:27 AM
This plugin has been around for mojoworld sometime now.
Heres a little commercial sample with clouds from this plugin.

Itīs nice to take a walk among the clouds:)

Hereīs the main site.

Some samples are not that good thou, especially the early oneīs

He also has a Galaxy generator renderer free for download I believe.

and a technology description of how the volumetric works.

And thereīs suggestions on the topic about interfacing with other software..


06-28-2008, 08:36 AM
These look absolutely stunning! Obvious question (and I'm feeling sick a s dog today so I've not searched) is this going to become available for Lightwave?

06-28-2008, 10:57 AM
Well thereīs nothing stating that it will be available for Lightwave( probably not).
He did write somewhere that he could consider development for interfacing with other software, but this started of as a plugin called voxelworld and now simply called dmytrys volumetric plugin.

As far as I know, it is only for mojoworld, and how fast it is or easy to setup compared to vue infinites spectral clouds or ozone or ogo taiki I donīt know.
But some of those images at his site looked far more better than most atmospheric renders from vue, and mostly because better lighting and cloud procedurals, the plugin is taking advantage of mojoworlds fractals I think, and vues functions ..sorry to say..really suck.