View Full Version : A little multicam tip....

06-25-2008, 12:44 AM
I found this little trick, doing a 6 cams edit of a show that should be released on DVD next October for TF1 and aired a little while after , probably everyone knows about but maybe they don't :
I am editing on SE VT 5.0, an old 2.8 dual xeon that no way in the world is going to cope with realtime playing 6 HDV streams .
What I am doing is this :
I open an HDV project, lay my 6 tracks as I am suppose to do with Bob's MC, proceed with the tool shed frame resize, then I get my screen filled with the 6 screens. Then what I do is a SD render ( by the time you transfered the 6 X 100 mn tapes it's time to go home, so you're not waisting time here ), a SD clip with the 6 screens on it.
Once it's done I lay this clip all the way down on the timeline, reset the original HD clip size and I am ready to edit. I can play the 6 screens to edit the cams because the ''cam selection tool'' doesn't care about clips size and if I desire I can, going ''local'' on the clip, monitor each clip independantly in HD full screen.
The rest of the process is no different that what it should be with the normal procedure.
Using this ''method'' you can multicam 9 4K cams.
Of course you could go with the BKG render, but then for the time this edit is going to last you should'nt stop SE , nor do another project, and you would'nt get the full frame clip preview.

Big thanks to Bob Tasa ( buy his plugins ) and of course Newtek that made this edit a walk in the park.

PS: I own my VT since the early days, and yesterday I used the streaming ability for the first time, I had this project with the agency in Paris, the client in Bordeaux ( thats about 400 miles from Paris ), doing live modification and everything, I do not know if any other NLE can do this but this is top !