View Full Version : Really lousy audio in LW Layout 8.5

Tom Wood
06-20-2008, 02:01 PM

I'm trying to run down the cause, and need to ask:

Does anyone have an older (2003 +/-) PC where they have decent audio quality when playing a WAV in LW Layout 8.5? If so, could you share the machine specs?

I have to reduce a WAV to an 8 bit 11kHz version to get it to load and play, and even then it skips and is full of static. If I try a regular 48 or 44 kHz 16 bit file, LW takes a loooong time to load it, and thinks about it again every time I pause.

Back when I first encountered this, Newtek support said something about it being related to the video card. So, I'm wondering if a video card with more memory will fix this.


06-21-2008, 08:02 AM
My brother had this problem. Buying a new, cheap sound card fixed it. Just an idea. Try www.newegg.com and browse for sound cards. I recommend creative.