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Ray Van Sickler
06-20-2008, 08:12 AM
I am trying to do a scroll page in VT5 CG. In action "moving" i am selecting .10 for scroll speed and it seems to run at that speed in the CG window but when I apply it to a DDR and utilize the Switcher with DSK ser on the first scale indicator or by selecting slow speed the scroll runs much too fast to be unusable. Please advise how I can work around this.
Ray Van Sickler

06-22-2008, 05:07 PM
I don't know if what I do is a "Work-around" because it is not the way that is recommended. However, it works and I get smooth scrolls and can adjust the speed very easily.

In CG Designer set for Scroll at the top of the page and start typing the text. I usually double space the rows of text. When I finish typing all the text I save the project and go back to into the main page of VT5 that contains the timeline. I go into file and locate the scroll file and drag it down into the timeline and place it under whatever video I want the scroll to cover. Turn on overlay for the scroll clip. Hit stop to get the cursor at the beginning of the clip and open Control Tree and open 3D Position then lock all three X, Y and Z by clicking on the black circle to the right of each.

Now move the Z position until the print fills the screen the way you want. Adjust the Y until the text moves down until the first line is where you want it. I set mine to just out of the frame at the bottom so when the scroll starts it comes up from the bottom. Now move the cursor to near the end of the clip. Adjust the Y position until the last line either disappears at the top or, if you want the end to stay on screen adjust so it ends where you want in the center.

Now when you play it you will see what speed it has and simply adjust the length of the scroll text clip by dragging it to the right to slow it down. Of course you may have to adjust the length of whatever video clip you were scrolling over as well,

This may sound complicated but I have done it many times and now find it quite easy and quick.