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06-19-2008, 11:27 AM
I work for a rural telephone company that has recently started an IPTV service.
We deliver IPTV to the home using standard DSL lines to a set top box at the customer premis.
We have just built a new studio centered around a VT5. We are mostly doing live to tape and post production work. I was experimenting with live stream to the web and that all works fine except that I can't use that stream on our multicast network. I did some experiments with VLC and I can stream video files and even DVD from our VT5 PC to a set top box using VLC on our multicast network. When i try to stream from the toaster card itself all i get on the set top box is audio with no video. I'm not sure if i need a plugin for VLC to properly read the toaster stream or what.
If i can get this function to work we will be able to provide true live broadcasting over our IPTV network. This is a feature that will be very popular with the other telcos that are doing the same thing we are.

I am aware that i could plug a hardware encoder to the main out of the SX-84 but i don't want to spend another $20k for an encoder if a simple software program will work.

So Newtek, any ideas from those cool hi-tech brains?
I submitted a ticket to tech support on this but I figured the forum might be able to help as well.


06-22-2008, 01:43 PM
We have the same problem with VLC and VT cards.

It is strange, as VLC 'reads' most installed devices and directx capable drivers.

As a someone who streams h.264 video for broadcast I would recomend that you invest in a PC with a capture card (we use a cheap $500 Dell with a osprey 240 $300/ capture card) running VLC

the total solution is a bit more expensive than a dedicated encoder box (but an adtecinc h.264 encoder is only $3000) I would not run a VT machine direct to air, the risk of a crash is just to great.

How do the set top boxes cope when a multicast stream is just terminated mid event? Does the middleware cope or do the boxes crash - generating consumer support calls etc?