View Full Version : How Do I Painlessly Transition from VT4 to VT5?

Robert C. Lang
06-17-2008, 04:46 PM
My new VT5 system is under construction by an authorized Newtek dealer. My question is how do I most painlessly make the transition from my old VT4/Speed Edit computer system to my new VT5/Speed Edit system?

I will be removing the VT card/Pro and SX-8 BOB from the old box to
the new. My problem is I have several VT4/Speed Edit projects that are
currently in the oven or are ongoing projects. How do I maximize
compatibility, especially for those half baked VT4/VT Edit projects.
So that I will be able to utilize my old Medea RAID with the new
system I have added a SCSI controller (it otherwise would not have
required a SCSI controller).

Any tips on how to ease the transition from my old VT4 workstation to my new VT5 work station.

Robert C. Lang