View Full Version : Streaming Server Questions

06-17-2008, 04:18 PM
A Junior High in the school district I work for is about to start its own video program. Sometime in the first year they want to start having teacher access the videos they produce with the possible chance that the morning announcements could be streamed in the not so distance future.

From what I could gather a P4 or higher server with XP Pro and Windows Media Encoder 9 should fit the bill to do a multicast in the school to at most 50 computers. Starting this fall to winter the teachers will access the videos as they would a normal file serverů This will allow time for the students and the teacher in the video class to become familiar with the video equipment they have.

Starting in the spring or most likely next year they will start streaming to the whole school and this is things go nutty. What I do not know is what I need to get the video from the production out (I believe it will be from RCA for video and audio) to the server. Would an analog/digital convert work? Is anyone else doing this here?

We are trying to keep the cost under $2000 and so that rules out the VT or TriCaster.