View Full Version : render 'DV View' & firewire problems

07-25-2003, 08:53 AM
i Quote from NT ''DV View: Preview render out of a firewire port to an attached DV device. This is a good way to test the render as to how it will be viewed on a Video Device.''

Not in my world....I just get nasty cubist-acid-flashback-type mess of pixles...rendering to a Sony DCR PC10E (PAL).

Tried all the output formats, nothing works....

My DV connection works fine, I normally use the excellent Echo fire to send the contents of the clipboard/photoshop to the DV cam to test colours, alaising, etc...

Obvioulsy, being able to compare test frame on the fly out of LW would be cool...

Anyone else had problems renderingto DV n this way?

I like to hear from you.

Many Thanks