View Full Version : Latest Options For Real-Time Viewing of 3D Content???

06-12-2008, 08:34 AM
I use Lightwave 9 & Fprime to render 3D scenes for use in video in my day job so I haven't kept myself up-to-date on the latest with real-time 3D content viewing.

Here's what I would like to do (with no further investment in 3D tools of course!):

- import lo-poly, textured models and maps into a freely available viewer (like Google Earth?)
- Be able to manipulate 3D objects X,Y,Z data and included meta-data on objects so viewers can get info on individual objects
- Adjust objects over stepped increments of time

I want to use this type of technology for running on-line wargaming campaigns with my buddies. Think of Risk 3D online.

I was hoping there would have been some new technologies to have surfaced since Shockwave3D or Adobe 3D. Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated.