View Full Version : Refraction Trouble

06-10-2008, 12:35 AM
I'm trying to recreate a nail polish bottle and cannot get the refraction in my render to match the reference.


Looking at the attached image, the left shows the result I'm getting with the bottle in the desired orientation and rendered with a refraction index of 1.5...the edge I have pointed out does not look like what I see in the reference.

On the right side, I have the bottle rotated 18 degrees and this gives me refraction results on the edge similar to what I see in the reference image. I've tried different refraction indexes with unsuccessful results...this example is using the standard lightwave material (no nodes), glass bottle surface is set to single sided...there's only a glass outer mess with a liquid inner mesh, but have also tried giving the bottle a interior surface along with the liquid mesh...this is driving me nuts...any help appreciated!