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06-05-2008, 12:05 PM

What is collabunlimited?

Right now it's a ground floor that I hope will highlight the potential benefits of artistic collaboration and put online collaboration projects into a more positive spotlight by hilighting the success some have had.

With your grass roots support this site will be a place that not only helps promote but alos initiate and support online collaborations

Just a heads up- It's a graphics intensive site, and I don't have a fast server right now (first upgrade if there is enough activity :D ) Hence the spalsh screen...

The 01 page has some basic info on the layout.
And there are even some items in the store...including the 3 year chronicle of an online collab team- Shirowproject's Databook1 in both print and electronic download formats. There is also some music in there at iTunes price rates of .99 cents each. The 04 Lab page has an iPod player that will play a snippet.

Hope some of you enjoy the site as it grows.

Working on interviews with online collab teams from around the world.

Some interesting progress can be made even when starting as a self supported online collaboration ...collabunlimited will be exploring how some of these teams are growing into full fledged production houses that spin their short films into TV productions.

You really can have success doing what you love, find great workmates and build your own studio without commuting to a dark cubicle.

For future info and interviews-
What would you like to know about most in relation to online collaboration- software used, work methods, communication tools...other stuff not mentioned here??

Thnx all.
collab on

06-05-2008, 12:05 PM

Got a free month to collab....enter one of the first, BIG, CG artists collaborative competition to hit PrimeTime!

MTV and Hewlett Packard are currently looking for the very best new creative talent for a once in a lifetime opportunity to enter the ENGINE ROOM in New York City, a new MTV series that will be seen around the world.

Oh, and the winning team will get $400,000USD in cash. :eek:

READ MORE> (http://collabunlimited.com/main/)