View Full Version : Displacements to Endomorphs

06-04-2008, 04:30 PM
We are doing some game work involving displacements, however our engine does not support displacements natively. It does however support morphs. If we want to capture a 30 frame displacement animation, for example, here is our current process:

1. For each frame of the animation, save the current object state as an endomorph. This gives us 30 endomorphs on the object.
2. Remove the displacement from the object.
3. Each endomorph needs to be keyed to 100% for the frame it was created from. For example, the endomorph created on frame 26 is set to 100% on frame 26, and is set to 0% everywhere else on the timeline.
4. Then we are able to save the object with the endomorph and keyframe data.

Does anyone know of a an L-Script or plugin that may automate this?