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06-01-2008, 01:06 PM
I am looking for some technical expertise with video toaster. The problem is quite complicated and I will do my best to describe it.
Here is issue: I run the SX-8 board on my toaster machine and most of my inputs are S-Video. For the longest time, any non-computer generated source (exp. the Y/C input or composite inputs) would show up with purple lines moving up and down in random order. This would only happen if the following scenarios were true. Scenario: I have the DDR running on the program out and i go to the preview channel to get ready to bring up one of my video cameras or dvd players or any external video source and the preview channel will equal the video source + randomly moving purple or green moving lines. If I were to fade that channel into the program out, it would output just as i saw it on the preview channel...needless to say I can't have that. As a work around I can directly (without fading into the preview channel) select the main channel and bring the video source to the program out channel and the video is displayed without the distortion. This makes for a very choppy experience for the people viewing the live video output because i cannot use transitions to fade the video sources.
Well.... I've tried multiple things to resolve this problem including: Reformatting, re-installing video toaster, and playing with the advance settings on the proc amp. After theses failed attempts I assumed it is some kind of hardware issue, I just couldn't narrow it down to what. My first instinct told me it was the SX-8 board, maybe something had come unsolder from the board. So i opened it up, carefully checked the connections, and found nothing. When i put everything back and fired up VT i was now faced with a different issue. The issue now is any YC input is black and white one both preview and main, it doesn't matter what i do it will stay black and white. The obvious fix is change the output mode to YC from Composite, but that was already correct. The wierd thing about the problem is when I have composite input in same row as the YC input and I preview that composite input I can see bits and pieces of the color or chroma field scanning up and down the source.
I hope I've made some sense of my problem. I am at a lost about what to do, and i know there are a lot smarter people out there and know a lot more about video toaster than i do. Please :help:

06-02-2008, 09:06 AM
What VT card are you using? I have a similar issue that has never been resolved where I have [email protected] on every other S-Video input. If I have a source connected on #1 when VT fires up, then #1 input will be [email protected], but I can take the same souce and plug it into #2 and get color. If I leave that same source connected to #2 input, the next time I run VT, the #2 channel comes up [email protected] and #1 is in color.

06-02-2008, 01:30 PM
I suggest calling tech support, because you may have a hardware problem. Newtek fixes hardware free, and they will pay for and match the return shipment with what you used to ship to them. For example, if time is critical and you want to pay for overnight to ship to them, then they will pay to have it overnighted back to you. If you do second day, they will return it likewise, etc. You can theoretically ship it at the beginning of the week and have it back before the weekend.

The other thing that is possible, is that you have a ground loop problem. You can get weird result if this is the case. Try running all cameras off their batteries, and everything else off the same outlet (using a power strip), for a test and see if you still have the problem.