View Full Version : Quidam 2.1.1 studio (demo)a little review and first Impressions..

05-23-2008, 08:38 PM
Well quidam hasnīt got the render and animation power of poser in itīs own package, but it seems clearly that it is aimed to bee used in conjuction with other 3d packages more than poser is.

It exports to most of the big packages maya,lightwave, 3d max,cinema and carrara(xsi and vue 6 missing)
and it does so with complete skeleton rig as far as I know.

Unfortunatly theres no way to try out how the export of meshes and how dense the meshes turn out and also check the rig since
thatīs not available in the demo version, there is however an option to sign a form from them upon they will send a rigged model to try out in other packages.
Collada support and stl support is there to in the real version.

I have only had a few days to test this Demo application but Im starting to love it a bit, unfortenatly it expires within 30 days..and I havenīt been testing it for more than the later days.

I would like to see some more polishing on the UI interface, all icons have their description in a menybar when
hovering over them except for items in some tool palettes.

very Impressive sculpt and modify tools, apart from the standard move,scale,rotate thereīs also some different jelly brushes.
jelly move
jelly rotate right left.
jelly grow shrink
move normal plus minus.
jelly sharpen
jelly smooth

All these brushes can effect either the whole mesh or points,edges or faces.

The opengl speed is very fast, especially compared to posers and the shading is pretty nice.

to edit an pose, we can have either full skeleton mode wich shows all the skeletons as highlighted,
or in Mouse detection that hightlights skeletons when hovering over with mouse and it works fast without
The posing tool is very sweet and fast, theres only rotational control for the posing but it feels more
natural than posing tools in for example poser, and by selecting and rotating different sides on the skeleton the pose behaves differently.

sculpting more flesh to give a body a fat belly or more muscles is really sweet, so easy to completly
change the look and feel of a character, just use jelly grow on some upper body parts and jelly shrink on
the legs and we have a really funny super hero not working out properly.

the way to sculpt/ transform head or body to a imported background is just awesome.
wire display color of the object can easy be changed in preferences using a gradient palette to choose exactly
wich colour you want.
changing the objects transparency is controlled step-less by a a slider button always available at the bottom, then itīs just
a breeze to adjust the face to the background image with the sculpt tool, Really forget about posers face room!

its an impressive thing about lining up the background picture that for example consists of a sideview
of a face and the front view of the face in one image,the line up starts by simple dragging the background so that the
side view image match up with the side view of the object, then
by switching the 3d view to front face and do the same by dragging the background image again so that the front face image
matches the front of the object head.

by just klicking the 3d views side face it will automaticly switch
to the side face and center and it fits correctly lined up with the background, and by klicking the 3d view front face, it
switches to front face it will keep the object and image lined up,very neat it beats
zbrush trying to modify(not model) after background images.

The combine room is where props are applied, it seems cool I have yet to try this more if I can..easy to take a fully clothed army guy and swap clothes to a fireman and switch helmets to..cool
and the clothing follows the bodymesh perfectly, Itīs also here you change attributes as different noses mouth eyes hair,itīs
a little different to poser thou, by hovering with the mouse over the body the different parts is highlighted and by clicking on
that part you will get a popup window with images of other parts where you for an example can switch hair.

on the minus side perhaps, is that there seem to be no ik kinematics when doing the pose, not that big deal thou if
the intention is to animate in other packages.
It donīt seem to have the option to mirror poses from left to right and vice versa like in poser as far as I know.
the hand posing could be a little better with a grasp spread function perhaps like posers.

loading and save pose and pose presets seems awkward also,But it could be a newbie problem.

The posing presets available seem to be very poor also in this demo version, only nine presets should be a little more.

It also donīt have face expressions to load like poser, but using the sculpt tool to create morph targets will probably
give better expressions in other applications, would be nice if sculpted morphs could be saved as expressions thou.
It also needs some more high quality people perhaps in itīs content, but I believe thats just a matter of time since
it hasnīt been around as long as poser, and ergo hasnīt that large user base yet.

Ohh..I havenīt had the time to try the the texture painting that much so I still have to comment on that, looks decent and fast
except for the brush that seem to be a little hard so setup for smooth edges, donīt know for sure thou.

check it out at

some mixed tutorials pdf and flash that shows how it behaves, check out the
Transfer a photo of face on a model cool.