View Full Version : iVGA on TriCaster Studio and Pro FX

05-23-2008, 02:12 AM
Dear All,

I'm using two models of Tricaster product is Studio and Pro FX.

Now i have problem with iVGA input port as:
- I did installed NewTek iVGA utilities already.
- I want take screen other computer (second PC) thru iVGA port on Tricaster.
- I did connected VGA cable from other PC to TriCaster thru iVGA port and network with ip address.
- I done have select Input is iVGA but no signal preview on iVGA monitor.
- And have did select VGA ---> Network iVGA (select: your-01ebd20019) to see
Connection Established led indicator.
- On Camera 1 monitor is show screen of second PC but signal too poor and split to 3 column.
- On second PC i have did setting up clone desktop.

Thanks & regards,