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05-17-2008, 05:59 AM
I recently spend the last five weeks attending the IKBoost Live Training event Hosted at KURV Studios, The training was given by Larry Shultz.

I found the hole series to be extremely informative and fun to take part, I was one of about 10 attendees and really looked forward to each weeks session even though it meant getting up at 1:30am (Here in the UK) ready for the 2:00 – 4:00am session. I then managed to get an hour or so sleep before going to work!.

The training was excellent, I did experience some delay between Audio and Visual but Larry pace was perfect and I never got lost in his explanations.

The one to one interaction meant that problems could be discussed and resolved there and then, either with Larry or from input by the other attendees. I do recommend that you work through the exercises in-between sessions and prepare any questions before hand to get the answers you need.

Additional Support
The additional support was excellent Wes arranged a private thread on the SpinQuad Forum for all attendees to discuss the training and ongoing work – Larry responded to all question raised on the forum directly and gave long and detailed explanations, which could not have been possible during the live session.
The recorded unedited broadcast of each session was available the next day. I could then review the session before working through the exercises.

Overall a great package of training.

Well what a brilliant half hidden gem this is, after the training I am now much more confident in my animations from using this tool. The main advantage with this tool apart from its built in functions of baking and binding is the immediate progress to animation it gives after rigging with bones. It Just all works!
The following clips are from the exercise I did during the training sessions.

The Blocking for Prt1 took aprox 2.5 Hrs. The Binding and Baking took 8 Hrs.
Prt 2 took about the same time to block but only 4 hrs for the Binding and Baking. I then spent another 8 hrs on the whole clip experimenting with offsetting keyframes and flattening out spline curves – I think I improved some areas and messed up others.

This is the longest continuous animated sequence I have done; I could not have done this, in this time without using the IK Boost tool. I’m seriously hooked.

I found trouble copying or loading saved poses into a sequence as they would past in at their original world co-ordinate position – I want to past a pose at the new location, without having to correct it.

I could not work out properly a smart method of making the Hand fix to the Rock so that they moved as one in the IK. I just animated the rock to match the hand and kept the rock static whilst baking the hand. I wanted to make the rock rotate about its hinge point constrained to the movement of the hand.

Many thanks to Wes and Larry
Regards Kevin

05-17-2008, 07:51 AM
Nice report. Nice little animation too. Thanks the info! :thumbsup:

05-17-2008, 02:43 PM

Good to see you enjoyed it, Larrys an excellent teacher and the live shows are brilliant. Keep going to make sure you utilise the knowledge you've gained...