View Full Version : Kray 1.7 OB7 RELEASED!!!

05-16-2008, 10:01 AM
Ok folks, it's time.

"The long awaited update has been released.
This update includes powerful new feature - KrayLightPortals and loads of bug fixes.

We would also like to announce that we will not be adding new features anymore until final release and will now only focus on stability and fixing bugs."

Go to www.kraytracing.com and buy your copy, or if you have bought earlier beta, then it's free update for you guys, enjoy!!

This is THE software to have now, with lightportals and all the neat stuff, also tutorials and tips are starting to show up in the growing Kray Wiki site (check Kray site) because no additions are made to the Kray at this point...

05-16-2008, 10:18 AM
Nice! Downloading ....:hat:

05-16-2008, 10:23 AM
So sweet
I expect you Phedian to write a tutorial how to achieve your beautiful renders! :)

05-16-2008, 06:38 PM
Great, great :thumbsup: