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05-15-2008, 03:12 AM

I┤m modeling a house and need to texture the corners with an irregular stone texture. Everything is in the same object with different surface names. So the corners are streched cubes. I tried using a texture and transparency using a mask but the result wasan┤t good. Next i separated all corners as diferent objects and used the same texture map but this time cuted the object with the clip map, but still not the expected result.

┐How can i make the desired effect?
┐Do i have to model the entire obejct with the shape i want (too much work not effective)?

I've attached 3 images. One of the object itself. One with the resul i get, and another with the result i want.

Thanks to all

05-15-2008, 04:06 AM
Are you familiar with using EPS importer? You can use the mask image as a path in PS and use export paths to illustrator, then import that with the EPS importer. That would give you a polygon to cut the object to the shape with a boolean tool and then map the image of the stone.

Otherwise you could trace the map image in modeler to make the cut polygon by hand.

05-15-2008, 07:05 AM
EPS, Tracing? That's a pretty simple spline draw, extrude and clean-up the excess.

Or a planar disc with minor modifications/extrude. Just UV the original shape and use "make UV's" to accommodate the new geometry.