View Full Version : Axis Question

Ty Catt
05-14-2008, 07:05 AM
Here's a weird one...

I created a car accident in an outside forensics program (Visual Statement) for a client which worked out fine.

We had to use precise measurements and calculations, and LW was out of the question for timeframe issues and other reasons (I am given velocity parameters to input).

But now the client wants some more realism (i.e. rear view mirror action) and that software doesn't get that detailed.

I want to see if I can match the car positions in LightWave and redo the animation for the desired realism BUT...

It works on a different axis layout than LightWave (X axis is still left / right, BUT Y axis is forward / backward and Z axis is up and down) Does that make sense?

My question is, is there a way to REDO the axis layout in LightWave?

I KNOW I can just juxtapose the axis when I enter the data in LightWave, but for reasons that are too long to explain, I was curious if the LW axis layout was editable.

Or heck, should I only do the more realistic animations in LightWave to begin with? In other words, is there a velocity / feet per second squared / distance input parameter "area" I can work with in LightWave?

Thanks for any ideas,:hey: